Rubber Bands: A Poor Man’s Solution to the Electronics Medusa


Same face M makes when she sees a roach

We’ve all seen this horrendous thing.  Chances are, you are within 10 ft of such eyesore as you are reading this article.  Even if you are not a tech-sophisticated person (someone who owns 10 different electronics around the TV stand), you might be facing an ugly entanglement of wires.  In my quest to become more simple and organized, I finally decided to take action.

Rubber Bands


The only tool

First, I got myself some rubber bands.  I use rubber bands the same way I use duct tape, for everything.  These were just regular cheap rubber bands from Walmart, and for the purposes of what I’m trying to accomplish here, it should suffice.

The Situation

Second, assess your situation.  Upon inspection, it appears that we have the following: 1) TV; 2) internet modem; 3) wi-fi router; and 4) roku.



There’s the power cord for each device, but most importantly, there’s the lengthy, bulky coaxial cables that go from the wall to a splitter, and then 2 more coaxial cables, 1 cable to the modem (feeds internet) and 1 cable to the TV (feeds local HD channels).  These darn coax cables alone take up so much space!

In Comes the Rubber Band

No magic here, I simply reduced the length of each cable/wire to a length just enough for them to reach from point A to point B.  The key here was to make sure the rubber bands were super tight.  Otherwise, the cables/wires look lumpy.  The end result looked something like the following:



I know, you can still see the cables! But again, this was my “poor man’s solution”…

Is there another way to improve on this clutter?  How can I do it without buying a different furniture or skinnier cables?


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