Republic Wireless: The Company that Hit the Cell Phone Sweet Spot


Moto X

How could I claim to be truly frugal without Republic?  I know a lot of other frugality and early retirement blogs have written on this subject.  However, having used Republic’s service since the Moto X came out (mid November of 2013), I know exactly what it’s like to have a Republic phone, and frankly, none of the reviews I’ve read (including Mr. Money Mustache’s review) tells everything I wish I would’ve known before switching.  To give you a little background, I had a Samsung Galaxy SII and M had an iPhone 5, both with Virgin Mobile’s 300 mins/month + unlimited text & data, paying $35/month and $30/month, respectively.  There are no additional costs with Virgin, so we were actually paying $65/month straight up.

What’s Republic Wireless?

Simply put, it’s a cell phone service company.  I noticed that when people ask me the “what” or “why” questions about Republic, it’s easy to start by answering the “how”.  However, I’ve learned that such response only leads to confusion.  So, I’ll leave the “how” for later.  Like Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon or any other carrier, you buy a phone from them, transfer your number, and boom.  That’s it.  You’ll always be able to make unlimited phone calls and text messages no matter which plan you’re on (except for the cheapest $5/month plan), no questions asked. Continue reading