Pimped Out Hotdog: Argentinian Choripan




We live in the Northwest Arkansas region.  When you live in a small city, you have to be creative with your food.  For instance, I’ve already written about how we satisfy our cravings for Korean food around here.  Today, we felt like eating something totally different using ingredients that are readily available.  We chose to cook Argentinian choripan today, commonly known as “Chori“. Continue reading


George Foreman Grill: The Perfect Tool for a Budget-Minded Kor-exican-American Dinner


Traditional Korean BBQ

If you know me, I grew up in a Korean household.  My parents cooked Korean food at home.  But I also grew up in Mexico and Guatemala, both countries well-known for their distinctive and flavorful cuisine.  Living in Northwest Arkansas, it’s hard to have access to Korean food.  This makes us get creative when we have cravings.  Many of you know that Korean food is heavily associated with Korean BBQ.  If you think about it, there’s nothing uniquely “Korean” about Korean BBQ other than the sauces, the side dishes, and the fact that Korean BBQ is grilled on the dining table.  Plus, even if we do go to the one and only Korean BBQ joint in this area, we have to spend at least $40 to get a satisfactory amount of food.  In this article, I want to share with you how we satisfy our cravings for Korean BBQ on the cheap. Continue reading

America the Beautiful: En Español


Coke Ad

The Ad

If you were glued to the TV last night like I was, you probably watched the Coke commercial featuring people from different backgrounds singing “America the Beautiful” in their respective languages.  I personally didn’t think much of it, but it didn’t surprise me to wake up to the web having blown off at Coke’s attempt to convey a simple message.  There were all sorts of ugly, dissenting messages out there, but at the crux was the assertion that such an “American” song shouldn’t have been uttered in anything but English.  The voice reprimanding the critiques of this ad was equally loud. But, I think there’s something that people on both sides of the fence should think about. Continue reading

An Immigrant’s Take on Fantasy Sports


The Artist

With the NFL Super Bowl just around the corner, I wanted to share my thoughts on fantasy sports.

What is Fantasy Sports?

For those of you not familiar with fantasy sports, it’s basically a competition between a group of sports fans (although being a fan is not a requirement) who form a virtual sports league. Generally, there would be a “commissioner” who creates a “league” (espn.com or yahoo.com hosts this service for free) where a group of people create their own teams through a drafting process, similar to a real professional league.  All teams in a league are drafted before the start of the real life regular season and the team you draft plays against the teams that other people from your league draft.  During the season, teams can trade players with other teams and they can also pick up unclaimed players from a Continue reading