Little Secret for Serious Cable Cutters: Amazon Prime Beats Netflix in Value

ImageI just realized that the last time I wrote anything on here was February 12.  In case anyone thought I had abandoned my blog, that’s not the case.  The bar examination started two days ago, and finished just yesterday.  It was probably around February 12 that I started feeling like I needed to spend every waking hour studying for the bar (nothing like time pressure for motivation).  Anyways, that’s all done, and now I’m back writing while I wait for the results to come out.

Recently, I ran into a deal on Amazon Prime.  If you are not familiar with Amazon Prime, it’s a subscription service through Amazon, where you pay an annual fee of $79 and you get: 1) free shipping on the stuff with “Prime” logo; 2) have access to Amazon instant video; and 3) the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  I had seen Amazon Prime ads before but it never caught my attention.  This time around, they offered a $39 for the first year, so I decided to try it out. Continue reading


Rubber Bands: A Poor Man’s Solution to the Electronics Medusa


Same face M makes when she sees a roach

We’ve all seen this horrendous thing.  Chances are, you are within 10 ft of such eyesore as you are reading this article.  Even if you are not a tech-sophisticated person (someone who owns 10 different electronics around the TV stand), you might be facing an ugly entanglement of wires.  In my quest to become more simple and organized, I finally decided to take action. Continue reading

Does the American Dream Require Accumulation of Stuff?


Head Full of Stuff

I never had a tendency to accumulate things.  It wasn’t by nature.  Rather, I was forced keep things light because our family moved around the globe, A LOT.  4 countries in a span of 4 years, and countless moves within each country.  That’s why when I first saw the George Clooney movie Up in the Air, I felt like his character’s philosophy was identical to mine.  However, it hit me really hard when we moved my stuff from Little Rock to Northwest Arkansas a few months back.  Somehow, I accumulated a shit ton of things at some point down the road.  Like, a U-Haul-truck-full kind of shit ton.  I found this really puzzling because only 7 years ago I arrived in the US with one bag pack and a large luggage.  So, how/why did this happen? Continue reading