Rubber Bands: A Poor Man’s Solution to the Electronics Medusa


Same face M makes when she sees a roach

We’ve all seen this horrendous thing.  Chances are, you are within 10 ft of such eyesore as you are reading this article.  Even if you are not a tech-sophisticated person (someone who owns 10 different electronics around the TV stand), you might be facing an ugly entanglement of wires.  In my quest to become more simple and organized, I finally decided to take action. Continue reading


An Immigrant’s Take on Fantasy Sports


The Artist

With the NFL Super Bowl just around the corner, I wanted to share my thoughts on fantasy sports.

What is Fantasy Sports?

For those of you not familiar with fantasy sports, it’s basically a competition between a group of sports fans (although being a fan is not a requirement) who form a virtual sports league. Generally, there would be a “commissioner” who creates a “league” ( or hosts this service for free) where a group of people create their own teams through a drafting process, similar to a real professional league.  All teams in a league are drafted before the start of the real life regular season and the team you draft plays against the teams that other people from your league draft.  During the season, teams can trade players with other teams and they can also pick up unclaimed players from a Continue reading

Does the American Dream Require Accumulation of Stuff?


Head Full of Stuff

I never had a tendency to accumulate things.  It wasn’t by nature.  Rather, I was forced keep things light because our family moved around the globe, A LOT.  4 countries in a span of 4 years, and countless moves within each country.  That’s why when I first saw the George Clooney movie Up in the Air, I felt like his character’s philosophy was identical to mine.  However, it hit me really hard when we moved my stuff from Little Rock to Northwest Arkansas a few months back.  Somehow, I accumulated a shit ton of things at some point down the road.  Like, a U-Haul-truck-full kind of shit ton.  I found this really puzzling because only 7 years ago I arrived in the US with one bag pack and a large luggage.  So, how/why did this happen? Continue reading

Shower Heads & Aerators: Easiest Way to Decimate your Water Bill

Water use

Water use

Some months ago, I came across Mr. Money Mustache’s blog on shower heads.  The title was so eye-catching, since he named it “An $800 Gift from Me to You”. It’s no secret that I’m an avid reader of MMM and that he has had a tremendous impact on our new mentality + goals.  I’m not gonna repeat what he so eloquently wrote, but to sum up his points, there’s an easy way to quickly rack up savings in water consumption.

My weird obsession with water conservation is twofold.  For one, I love exercising control over our expenses (especially the recurring expenses like utilities) and derive an immense sense of satisfaction from seeing a lower bill every month, and two, water really is a scarce resource.  I grew up in Guatemala.  While I personally never lacked access to clean water, I’ve seen first-hand, people who do have limited access to clean water.  Also, here’s a timely article on how water shortage is not exclusive to the developing world. Continue reading

Kansas City, MO on a Budget



Just this past weekend, my fiancee and I decided to take a weekend trip to Kansas City, Missouri (“KC”), a 3-hour drive from our home in Northwest Arkansas.  Growing up, I have traveled to many different places in the world, but our current reality is that we have neither the means nor the time to travel too far from home.  This, however, has enabled us to discover places within driving distance from our home.

Continue reading